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Electro (2014) is an exploration of timbre and randomness. It consists of three FM tones that travel up and down various timbre spectra, which are defined by such factors as the modulation frequency and the index of modulation. In addition to the sweeping (and at the same time, discrete) changes in timbre, the pitch, rhythm, volume, and the overall texture of the piece straddle the line between chance and intention, resulting in a precarious musical balance.

Because some parts of the composition is left to random chance, Electro is different every time it is played. Below are just two of the many possible renditions of the piece.

Electro Take 1 (mono)

Electro Take 2 (stereo)

Below are the PDF versions of the ChucK code. If you wish to run it on ChucK, please spork them in the order given (1-2-3).

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