Cats (2013) is a MobMuPlat* i-Pad app for anyone who likes cats, pretty colors, and random chance.

How It Works
The app uses random number generation to trigger certain pitches (or sound bites) and corresponding squares to appear.

The main features are as follows:
1. Press the button to start.
2. Slide the bar to change the tempo.
3. Tilt to increase the probability that the sounds and squares will appear on the corresponding side/corner (the differences can be subtle both visually and aurally).
4. Shake (you will hear a squeak every time you shake successfully) to simultaneously transpose by semitone and change the sine/phasor ratio (timbre) in the tones.

Demo Video
If the video below does not load properly, you can also watch it here.

The zip file below includes a PD patch (for coding the program), an MMP file (for turning it into an i-Pad app), as well as all the sound files. To make Cats work on your i-Pad, you will need to first download the free MobMuPlat app,* then drop all of these files in your iTunes and sync to your device. For more detailed instructions, please check out the MobMuPlat website.*

*Check out the MobMuPlat at: