As an amateur violinist, I have always admired the versatility of string instruments, from their irresistible orchestral lushness to the quirky, brash Bartok pizzicatos. Below, you will find some of my attempts at exploring timbres, colors, and orchestration using just a few violins. The possibilities are endless, yet the ingredients are beautifully simple: the strings, the wood, and the metal.

Stringy Shenanigans (2013)

The following snippets were built with short samples of real string instruments, recorded and mixed through a digital audio workstation software. With the string section of a virtual orchestra available at my fingertips (literally!), I've experimented with some of my favorite string-y (and not-so-stringy) sounds.

(You might want to turn down your volume a bit for this one)

(...And turn it up for this one!)

Four and a Half (2012)

Four and a Half is a short composition written for the "homogenous ensemble project" in Professor Paul Lansky's composition class at Princeton University. Written for four violins, it explores the various timbres, registers, and textures that turn them into four different instruments producing four different sounds, and something more.

Below are the recording and the score of Four and a Half:

Live performance at Princeton University
Date: 11/21/12
Performers: Hana Shin, Deric Cheng, Ryan McNellis, Yolanda Yeh